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    Ashley W.

    Where do I start? Their café is a landmark in itself. They have been around as long as I have visited Fergus Ontario. If you can find one person who has an issue with them, you are looking at someone who is a pathological liar.

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    William B.

    They are simply the best, warmest and kindest people you can ever meet

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    Samantha C.

    This was the café where my husband proposed to me, and I had sure that this was the café that my son celebrated his first birthday. They are like my family in Ferguson Ontario.

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About Us

At Van Gali’s, located downtown in the Scottish heritage town of Fergus Ontario, we strive to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience. Whether you live in Fergus, are visiting us for the Fergus Scottish Festival (Highland Games) or the Fergus Truck Show, do not hesitate to stop by the café for some great food, or book a quiet night in our bed and breakfast.

Guest Experience

Van Gali’s Inn guests will experience a worry free stay in one of our two beautifully furnished guestrooms; accessible by a separate side entrance. Each room accommodation features a private ensuite bath, fireplace, mini-fridge, wireless internet, and of course a king-sized bed (which can be separated into two twins if preferred). Finish off your peaceful stay by enjoying a complementary breakfast.


Van Gali’s Catering guests will relish a stress free event as far as the food is concerned, with Van Gali’s delectable dishes and our friendly and competent staff. We can custom tailor a menu for your special event, or we can suggest a variety of menu items to fit what ever your budget and theme may be. Our staff will be more than happy to suggest local points of interest while you are in town.

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Our favorite regional flavors.

Our menu is broad to serve all palates, including meat-based, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, some with an ethnic flavour.

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Best Places to Visit in Ontario

Ontario offers a full scope of travel possibilities with intriguing cities and towns, lovely natural regions, and essential cultural institutions. Home to the nation’s biggest city, Toronto, and the capital city, Ottawa, Ontario contains a portion of Canada’s most critical museums and galleries, and in addition fun family entertainment. Here are a few places you can visit in Ontario.

  1. Niagara Falls is Canada’s most internationally sort to attraction, attended by millions of tourists every year. While there are really three arrangements of falls, the biggest segment, known as Horseshoe Falls, drops around 57 meters making it a great surge of water that extends between Niagara Falls, Canada and Niagara Falls, USA. The falls are famous essentially for the substantial volume of water streaming over them yet joined with the gigantic drop it is really a heavenly sight.
  1. Ontario has numerous intriguing provincial and national parks that offer access to the absolute most delightful zones of the territory. In Southern Ontario, canoeists and hikers take to the lakes and woodlands of Algonquin, French River, and Killarney Provincial Parks, and additionally the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Boaters and divers can discover and experience Georgian Bay Islands National Park and the Fathom Five National Marine Park. The individuals who are searching for a much more remote experience will discover enticingly perfect lakes and woods in Quetico Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario.
  1. The Royal Ontario Museum in downtown Toronto is one of the premier museums in the region including a wide scope of collections, from regular history and science to social displays from around the globe. For the most part alluded to as the ROM, this museum experienced an expansion in 2007, which saw the expansion of a modern and extraordinary augmentation known as the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The building is presently a blend of old and new architecture with a striking appearance.
  1. Marine land is one of Ontario’s greatest summertime attractions, especially mainstream with families. Situated close to Niagara Falls, it is a simple day trip from Toronto. The primary features are the marine shows including killer whales, dolphins, walruses, and sea lions, yet the office likewise shows beluga whales at the prevalent “Arctic Cove™” and in addition other aquatic life and land mammals. The complex contains an amusement park with a wide range of rides, including the parks signature “Sky Screamer” Touted as the “world’s highest triple tower ride,” it pushes travelers up in excess of 137 meters and then drop them back down again.

  1. The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa houses a portion of the nation’s most critical collections. It contains an especially solid choice of works by Canadian artists, from the Group of Seven to Emily Carr and numerous different famous names. The gallery likewise shows critical pieces by surely great international artists. The National Gallery building is housed in an ultra-modern architectural magnum opus designed by Moshe Safdie.

Things to Remember when choosing a Restaurant

In picking a restaurant, one faces numerous contemplation. Word of mouth or reviews are useful. They give you tips of what the restaurant resembles. Particularly from individuals who have been to the place a few times. There are a couple of things you should remember while picking a restaurant and here are 7 things listed beneath.

  1. Pick a restaurant that is nearby. Some place you can easily drive to or even just walk down. In this way, get a restaurant that is near to you where you can go without much of a long drive or where it is anything but difficult to get a taxicab. Another fifty bucks for a taxi to go to a restaurant includes pointless cost. Obviously, that depends, when the restaurant is really brilliant a lake, seaside, riverside or a marvelous sight of the mountain or if the place is an architectural gem. In any case, food must be amazing to appreciate a $50 taxicab ride.

  1. Now and then, the restaurant might be wonderful however the stylistic theme should match your taste. It shakes your sense. Go to a place where you appreciate the general atmosphere. Ask questions like do they play music? How loud? Look at the general population (especially the age factor) who go to the restaurant. On the off chance that you think that its lovely to be around these individuals as you have your dinner, at that point go book a table. Perhaps, a particular table far from the kitchen entryways and not directly under the AC. At times, you need to work when you’re in a restaurant. For meetings where you have to talk about serious deals, go to restaurants that have private rooms.
  1. In the event that you need authentic food, check out if the chef originates from the place where that cuisine is from. At that point You will probably get the genuine taste and not the adapted rendition of it. There is nothing incorrect about adapted cuisine as a portion of the genuine ones are difficult to take at any rate. It is likewise critical that the wine coordinates the dish. In a few restaurants, the wine list comprises of exceedingly valued bottles of 6 wines all over from France. Or on the other hand overrated bottles from you don’t know where.
  1. When you are bringing a large gathering, search for a restaurant that will give you value for your money. This does not mean being modest but rather getting a decent supper that you feel cheerful about paying. You are fulfilled for what you get.
  1. Take a chance at going to restaurants that don’t have any complaints about their administrations on different food locales and restaurant apps. When you discover a restaurant you like, become a close acquaintance with the waiters and waitresses. Regard them benevolent as you would treat your own companions and you will find that you will get incredible administration all the time. Sometimes, these waiters are super occupied when you request a hundred things. When you see them carrying numerous things to your table, be useful. Give them space to put it down.

  1. You may simply need to look at the restaurant before you choose to book a table. Especially if it is for a big function. Have a drink first and look at the place. Go utilize the washroom. This is many people’s standard method. Utilize the washroom and if it is clean, odds are hygiene norms are followed in the restaurant.
  1. In any case, for important occasions it is always useful to go to places you have tried and tested. You are better ready to center around the evening when the place is well-known and if the staff know you. Even for a regular dinner, there is comfort in places you know.

Sheri D. Moore

“My Dad always said that anyone who walks through the café’s doors is not a customer, they are family. And I’ve made sure to continue that legacy.”


Grand, new adventures.

Weekends are special here at Van Gali’s. We feature hand-made crepes all weekend long and often showcase a specialty crepe in addition to our regular fare. If you haven’t tried one of our delicious creations, it must not be missed.